This is the list of the current administration staff of The Village of Paw Paw. Anyone with an  icon located next to their name has an e-mail address and can be contacted for any questions you have.

Village Manager / Zoning Administrator Sarah Moyer-Cale
Clerk Karla Tacy
Community Development Coordinator Leonard Lux 
Director of Public Services John Small 
Motor Pool Supervisor Gary Elferink 
Water Treatment Supervisor Robert Harvey 
Police Chief Eric Marshall 
Fire Chief Trent Degroff
Auditors Berthiaume & Company 
Village Planner Rebecca Harvey
Information Technology (IT) Counsel I.T. Right

Economic Development Strategy
Capital Improvement Plan

Resolution 17-15
Resolution 17-14 Administration Rates & Fees
Rates & Fee Schedules Per Resolution 17-14

Where Your Tax Dollars go - 2016
This document provides detail on all the entities (governments, schools, authorities, districts, etc.) that levy a tax on the Village of Paw Paw.  A 'Mil" (millage is defined so taxpayers can calculate to whom their tax dollars are paid.

City and Village Tax Rates in Van Buren County - A Comparison
This document provides a comparison of local taxes paid all 11 cities and village in Van Buren County.  With this information, a taxpayer can compare what their tax bill would be in an y city of village in the County.

Village of Paw Paw Budget - All Funds
Paw Paw's Fiscal Year (FY) runs from March 1st of each year through the following end of February (usually the 28th except in Leap Years). The Village of Paw Paw Budget, as posted, shows the actual revenues and expenses for prior Fiscal Years, the Adopted and Amended immediate past year, and it shows the coming year's budget for all funds. To view the budget, click here.

Counterfeit Money
The Paw Paw Police has investigated several complaints from local businesses about the use of counterfeit money. Click Here for the full bulletin.

Michigan Public Act 295 Information - Electric Energy Changes
In 2008 Michigan enacted the "Clean Renewable and Efficient Energy Act," a new state energy law that requires all electric and natural gas utilities to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Click Here to read more.

Energy Smart Program
As an electrical energy distributor, Paw Paw participates with the Michigan Public Power Agency in providing energy-saving programs for their residential and business customers.  The Energy Smart programs offered in include: Prescriptive and Custom Incentives for business customers and a variety of programs for residential customers. Click Here to read more.

Electric System Study and Rate Modifications
The Village recently completed a comprehensive review of its electrical system focusing on its assets, conditions, and recommendations for replacements and upgrades to improve reliable electric power to our customers. We are also increasing electric rates for the first time in 14 years to ensure we are able to support future system improvements, regular maintenance, and equitably distribute the system cost among customers. Information about the system study as well as new rates which go into effect October 1, 2017 may be found below:

Paw Paw Laundry Environmental Response
The DEQ has prepared a FACT SHEET regarding the cleanup work that will be starting at the former Paw Paw Laundry Site this month. This is a fairly significant project for the DEQ, the village, and the residents. The DEQ appreciates the assistance and cooperation of the many parties involved. To view the fact sheet click on this link: PP Laundry Fact Sheet.

Village of Paw Paw Wastewater System Improvement Projects
The Village of Paw Paw is currently embarking on improvements to its Wastewater Collection System within the Village.  The projects will greatly improve the handling of storm water runoff, sanitary sewer treatment and water supply service.  We appreciate your patience throughout these projects.  For more information on each project, please visit