Downtown Development Authority (DDA)


The DDA Office is in the Carnegie Center. 
The Carnegie Center is owned by the Village of Paw Paw. 
DDA Coordinator: Mary Holland-Springer
129 S. Kalamazoo Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 179, Paw Paw, MI, 49079-0179
Telephone: 269.415.0060

The 13 member Downtown Development Authority (DDA), sponsored by the Village Council, has set its priorities and goals that are imperative to the revitalization of the Village of Paw Paw.

The retention and recruitment of new business is one of the top goals. The DDA provides financial incentives (grants and loans) to businesses and property owners for painting, facade improvements and  repairs to the their buildings.  These grants and loans are available to our existing business and property owners as well as new businesses and property owners.

The DDA will provide funds to beautify the Paw Paw shopping district along the M-40/Kalamazoo Street corridor leading to town from I-94. The DDA proposes and funds changes to the streetscape (planters, trees, accessories, sidewalks, parking areas, etc.) in Paw Paw. The DDA's efforts to stimulate business growth in the village are all part of the Authority's revitalization plan. These efforts have met with overwhelming support from the community and local organizations.

"The driving force behind the DDA is one of community togetherness. When everyone works together in the community, local businesses and organizations flourish and ensure the prosperity of the community for future generations."

Why Locate Your Family or Your Business in the Village?
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Shop Smart, Do Business Local
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Rent the Carnegie Center
The Village of Paw Paw owns the Carnegie Center. The Downtown Development Authority operates the Carnegie Center for the Village. The Carnegie Center is home to the DDA and the Greater Paw Paw Area Chamber of Commerce. The Building has two areas which may be rented. The grounds may also be rented. To read about Renting the Carnegie Center, click Carnegie Center Policies and Rental Form.

Business Support Programs
The Village of Paw Paw Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was created to promote and enhance the commercial core of the community, to preserve the public investment in this area and to improve the viability of businesses within the DDA district. To encourage business and property owners to improve and maintain building facades and recognizing the public nature of the facades in the District, the DDA offers a variety of business support programs. Included are programs to assist in painting, repair and restoration, façade restoration, interior renovation, demolition, enhancement of owner/employee skills, development of new customer bases, and other programs. To read about the ways the DDA can support your business, click here.

DDA District Plan, By-Laws, Properties, Streets and Maps
For a copy of the Development Plan, click here.
For a copy of the Authorizing Ordinance and By-Laws,click here.
For a copy of the DDA Properties and Streets Lists, click here.
For a map of the DDA District, click here.
For a DDA district map with private and public properties indicated, click here.
For a Zoning Map of the Village, click here.

Board of Directors

Mary Hartwell, Vice Chairman, Van Buren County Abstract

Mark Bahnson, Bloomingdale Communications

Cindy Mount, Mercantile Bank of Michigan

Ellyn Jones, SeaLandAir Travel Agency

Linda Tyria, Old National Bank

Patrick Lynch, Paw Paw Village Pharmacy

Roman Plaszczak, Village Council President

Steve Racette, Van Buren Delivery Services

Harold Schuitmaker, Schuitmaker, Cooper, Schuitmaker, Cypher & Knotek P.C.

Sid Shank, Tapper Towing

Barbara Carpenter, Golden Star Realty