Paw Paw Department of Public Services

Department of Public Services Director

John Small
110 Harry L. Bush Blvd.
P.O. Box 179
Paw Paw, MI 49079
(269) 657-3169

Village of Paw Paw After Hours Phone Number


  1. Report a problem with a streetlight, pothole or sidewalk. Click here
  2. Paw Paw's Water Quality Reports (click here)
  3. For quick water and sewer information regarding billing, meters, leaks & broken lines, Click here.


Brush and Leaf Pickup Information

The Village of Paw Paw implemented a new brush pickup policy on July 6, 1998. The Village has been divided into two zones (see map below) and the following rules will apply:

Brush Policy
Leaf Policy
Brush & Leaf Pickup

NOTE: The Village of Paw Paw does not pick up trimmings from lawns, hedges, flowers, thorny bushes or other types of garden vegetation.


What is the Value of Water?
Ever wonder how to place a value on something we take for granted - water? In Paw Paw, we don't measure the value of water the same way many around the world do - by the number who die daily from water-borne disease. These three 1-page documents will give you something to think about.

Part 1 - A Look at the Value of Tap Water
Part 2 - $5.00 Fiji Water
Part 3 - Home Delivery


Stop Flushing Your Money Down the Toilet!
Most Paw Paw water customers, like most Americans, have water leaks, at one time or another. Most under-estimate their water loss. On the average, each house hold leaks 22 gallons a day, every day. About 26% of all water lost through leaks are from toilets. That's money down the drain. Look at these three 1-page documents to learn more about leaks and how you can save your self hundreds of dollars!

Part 1 - A Paw Paw Example
Part 2 - It's Only a Small Drip...Right? Not!
Part 3 - Toilets the Silent Leaker!


Bottled Vs. Tap Water
Are you a sucker for bottled water? Learn about bottled and tap water. You may be surprised. Check out these five 1-page documents. After reading you may want to break the bottled water habit.

Part 1 - Where Does Bottled Water Come From?
Part 2 - Natural Resources Defense Council Study
Part 3 - Regulatory Gaps for Bottled and Tap Water
Part 4 - Paw Paw Water Tests Vs. Bottled Water Regulations
Part 5 - What do You Spend on Bottled vs. Tap Water (Easy)


How Much Electricity Does a Light Bulb Use and How Much will That Cost Me?
We are often asked… “How do I know how much electricity a home appliance or device is using and what is the charge for that use?” The answer requires some understanding of terms and an example is provided at the end of this information.
Click here to go to this document.


Water, Sanitary Sewer and Electric Bills
Legal background why the Village considers the property as the customer and why we charge delinquent bills to the property owner and may place them as a lien against the property. For more information, click here.


Property Inspections, Violations and Orders to Correct
Legal background for the Village's rental property inspection requirements, issuance of violations, fines and fees, orders to correct violations, and placement of unpaid fees and fines as a lien against the property. For more information, click here.


Michigan Public Act 295 Information - Electric Energy Changes
In 2008 Michigan enacted the "Clean Renewable and Efficient Energy Act," a new state energy law that requires all electric and natural gas utilities to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Click Here to read more.


To see the final list of all surcharges due to the implementation of Public Act 295 click the heading below. This file shows you Paw Paw's surcharge and all the other 38 municipal electric providers. You can see how we rank with the others. The file below also shows you the surcharges of electrical cooperatives and the independent electrical companies such as Indiana Michigan Power and Consumers Energy.

Final Electric Bill Surcharges Due to PA 295