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Water Reliability Study
The Village of Paw Paw has completed an extensive study of its Community Water System. The study updates a previous study, completed in 2003, assessing the condition and adequacy to meet existing and proposed future demands of the system, including required fire flow. A Reliability Study is required every 5 years by the MDEQ as Part 12 of the Administrative Rules of Act 399, PA 1976 (Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act).
The project, funded locally, evaluated the existing system and utilized a computer analysis tool, WaterGEMS V8i, to simulate current and future scenarios, aiding in the determination of critical areas needing improvements.
The report, which can be viewed and downloaded from the link below. The documents provide an overview of the Village’s existing Community Water System, identify inefficiencies in the existing system, and provide prioritized improvement areas focusing on water distribution and supply.

Sanitary Sewer System Improvement Project
The Village of Paw Paw completed an extensive study, the first of its kind in over 35 years, of its wastewater sewer collection system, which serves all of the Village of Paw Paw. The Village’s system also serves customers in Antwerp, Paw Paw and Waverly townships. The study updated a previous study, completed in 1978, and addressed issues of aging infrastructure and issues within the collection system that increase the likelihood of failure and lead to elevated wet weather flows that utilize and sometimes exceed system capacity.

The project, funded by an S2 Grant from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The report and recommendations were approved by the Village Council. The study was discussed and began in 2013/2014. The Study was completed in late 2014. Its findings and recommendations were presented at public meetings, reviewed, debated and considered through September of 2015 when a financing plan was accepted. The Council sought funding to implement the total project from the State Revolving Fund (SRF) for wastewater systems. Project funding totaling $7,106,232.42, has been approved and design of system improvement projects began as of November 2015. The Village is contributing $2.5 million of its funds and will receive $500,000 in ‘loan forgiveness’ from the SRF program. The remaining portion will be secured through a 30-year loan from the SRF program.

All of the project related documents can be downloaded from the first link below. When on that page scroll down to the “S2 Study and SRF Project Plan” heading. All related documents are provided.

As has been discussed throughout the project, this project impacts sanitary sewer system rates. Click on the second link below for new rate information.

Sanitary Sewer Rates Effective 1-1-2016